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How I’ve Learned to Make Space for My Queerness and My Culture

When I Left Venezuela, I Lost Much More Than My Country

What Tony Gilroy, and Jason Bourne, Taught Me About Motherhood 

The Trouble With Bodies

Growing Up Without a Mother Is Painful, but There Is Hope

How ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ Inspired My New Novel

What Matching Jammies Taught Me About Raising Kids

I Now See the Writing on the Wall

Not Now, Not Ever

Candles in the Window

Writing and Sewing Hanukkah Miracles

How Creativity Helped Me Recover From the Loss of My Husband

Reconciling a Season of Heartbreak with a Season of Gratitude

Lessons From a Thanksgiving on Both Sides of the Pond

Bringing the Hindu Festival of Lights to America

My Mother Gave Me the Hand I Never Had

The Road Home

Saturday Mornings with CNN Style’s Elsa Klensch

Organizing Your Daughter’s Kitchen Is an Act of Love

From Client, to Friend, to Family: My Uncle Richard

Finding the “Perfect Dog” Has Meant Something Different to Our Family

Still Counting: Reflections on Anniversaries After a Divorce

How I Learned to Never Abandon Hope

How to Say Goodbye to Your Family Home

Is This the End of Weddings?

My Fiction Writing Foundered for Years—Until My Kids Left for College

Award-Winning Photographer and Writer Jill Krementz on Playwright Wendy Wasserstein

We Spent Years Looking for the Perfect Lake House—Did We Ever Really Need One?

Skinny-Dipping Takes on a Greater Meaning as I Age

It’s Time to Breakup With the Bad-Stepdad Stereotype

Baseball Mended My Complicated, and Downright Painful, Relationship With My Father

Juneteenth Is for Everyone—Here’s How You and Your Family Can Celebrate

Mornings in My Garden

The Summer I Spent Living the Most Glorious Lie

How My Son’s Mental Health Struggles Reconnected Me to My Own Mother

What Do I Really Want for Mother’s Day?

Seeing the World Differently

Fifty Shades of a General Contractor

Books Saved My Life as a Young Refugee

Saying Goodbye to My Free-Spirited Sister

The 14 Most Tender, Amusing, and Mortifying Things People Said to Me When I Was Pregnant

Reaching Back Through History and Connecting to the Present

A Whirlwind Trip to Paris Made Me Rethink My Dating Standards

February Is Alisha’s Official Month of What If?

Finding a Voice Through the Hawaiian Tradition of Hula

How Sobriety Became My Dating Superpower

The Memorializing Power of a Name

Making Chinese New Year a Holiday for My Son

The Promise of a New Year

Understanding What It Means To Be “Marriage Material”

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