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What we're all about

Zibby Media, a women-led start-up founded by Zibby Owens, is dedicated to deepening connections between readers and authors, and to building a community of book lovers. Zibby Media is comprised of boutique publishing house Zibby Books, Zibby's award-winning podcast Moms Don't Have Time to Read Books, retreats, classes, a book club, and Zibby’s Bookshop, an independent bookstore in Santa Monica, CA that hosts frequent author events.

If you have ever loved a book, you're in the right place.

Our Beliefs

  • Stories are best when shared.
  • People who read the same book are no longer strangers.
  • When we talk about books, we're really talking about life.
  • Women supporting women works.
  • A small upstart can make a tiny dent in a crowded landscape.
  • Building a company around values not numbers can lead to the same results.
  • Community, caring, and collaboration is more powerful than competition.
  • We offer gracious hospitality.
  • We surround ourselves with nice, smart people.
  • Life is short.
  • A new model is possible.
  • What we're doing matters.

Who knows where the next chapter will take you?

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Where it all started

Origin Story

When book lover, aspiring author, and full-time mom Zibby Owens started her podcast, Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books, she had no idea it would lead to what the L.A. Times called "the Zibby-verse." But after turning 40 and getting divorced, she redisovered her passion for books and followed her instincts, perhaps honed by her MBA, expanding her company in ways designed to help all parts of the literary community.

Zibby Media has not only connected countless people as Zibby hoped, but founding it completely changed her own life. A novelist, memoirist and children's book author in her own right, plus a publisher and indie bookstore owner, Zibby, remarried to Kyle Owens, has lived out what she learned after many losses: If not now, when?

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Meet the Team

Jordan Blumetti

Editor, Zibby Books

Gabriela Capasso 

Senior Associate Editor, Zibby Books

Alex Feigin

Assistant, Zibby Media

Sarah Fradkin

Publicity and Marketing Assistant, Zibby Books

Sierra Grazia

Marketing Manager, Zibby Books

Darcey Gohring

Director, Zibby Classes and Writing Community 

Contact Us

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All publicity inquiries: publicity@zibbymedia.com

For general info: info@zibbymedia.com

For brand partnerships: partnerships@zibbymedia.com

For Zibby's Bookshop bookstore info: info@zibbysbookshop.com

To submit a manuscript for Zibby Books publication: submissions@zibbymedia.com

To pitch a book for Zibby's podcast, Zibby's Book Club, or other round-up coverage: info@zibbyowens.com

For classes info and to pitch a class idea: classes@zibbymedia.com

To pitch an author event at Zibby's Bookshop: events@zibbysbookshop.com

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