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Meghan Riordan Jarvis, MA, LCSW is a psychotherapist specializing in trauma and grief and loss and works in private practice in Washington, DC. After experiencing PTSD after the deaths of both of her parents within two years of each other, Meghan started the platform “Grief is My Side Hustle” which includes her popular blog, links to her podcast under the same name, and her free writing workshop “grief mates.” Meghan offers public and private sector consultation to leadership teams working to increase emotional fluency and care in decision making and intentional business culture development. Meghan’s memoir “End of the Hour” publishes with Zibby Books in 2023.

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End of the Hour

Published November 14, 2023



What happens when a trauma therapist is traumatized by loss?


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Esteemed trauma therapist Meghan Riordan Jarvis knew how to help her patients process grief. For nearly twenty years, Meghan expected that this clinical training would inoculate her against the effects of personal trauma. But when her father died after a year-long battle with cancer, followed by her mother’s unexpected passing while on their family vacation, she came undone.


Thrown into a maelstrom of grief, with long-buried childhood tragedy rising to the surface, Meghan knew what she had to do―check herself into the same trauma facility to which she often sent her clients. In treatment, trading the therapist’s chair for the patient’s couch, Meghan took her first steps toward healing. 


A brave story of confronting life’s hardest moments with emotional honesty, End of the Hour is for anyone who has experienced the unpredictable, lasting power of grief―and wondered how they’d ever get through it.

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End of the Hour