Super Bloom

Super Bloom

Megan Tady

Published May 02, 2023



Massage therapist Joan Johnston may work at an iconic Vermont spa, but her life feels anything but serene. She’s deep in debt, burnt out, and still grieving the death of her boyfriend.          


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Enter spa guest Carmen Bronze, a hotheaded bestselling romance author, who offers Joan a chance to get back in her boss’s good graces. All Joan needs to do is slip Carmen spa secrets for her next book, but what if she wants to write it herself?

A heartfelt, hope-filled debut, Super Bloom will have readers rooting for Joan on every page—and laughing out loud at her one-of-a-kind wit.

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“Super Bloom is the kind of debut novel that will have you obsessively visiting Tady’s social media pages to see what she’ll do next. Her laugh-out-loud characters don’t just leap from the page, they vault over it and land in your lap, springing to life in a way you’ll remember long after you read the last sentence. The very best characters are the ones you can imagine spending time with, and I couldn’t pick a favorite. They made reading this delightful novel ever more gratifying.”
"A fun, charming read."
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What people are saying...

“Super Bloom is a true delight—hilarious, poignant, and as much of an escape as a spa day in the mountains of Vermont. Who could resist a novel about writers, romance, and the nuances of friendship? Not me! Take Super Bloom along on your next getaway.”

Amanda Eyre Ward

New York Times bestselling author of The Jetsetters & The Lifeguards

"A winning (and wickedly funny) debut about a massage therapist's second chance at life. Like a skilled therapist herself, Tady works all the right pressure points to leave the reader rejuvenated. I already can't wait to read what she writes next."

Steven Rowley

bestselling author of Lily and the Octopus, The Editor, and The Guncle

“Super Bloom is such a fun read! Tady had me laughing out loud as I followed her quirky, broken-hearted heroine Joan as she bumbled her way through grief, loss, and the more typical hardships of a thirty-something woman living in a small town. This life-affirming story (and a romance within a romance within a romance) is a tale of unexpected friendship, moving through grief, and never giving up on your dreams.”

Eileen Garvin

bestselling author of The Music of Bees

“Absolutely delightful.”

Jenny Lawson

New York Times bestselling author of Broken and Furiously Happy

"Fresh, funny, and told by a narrator whose voice I would follow anywhere, Super Bloom is a true delight. I absolutely adored this book.”

Annabel Monaghan

author of Nora Goes Off Script

“Super Bloom is that rare sort of novel that’s both a blast to read and leaves you thinking about the characters long after you’ve finished the last page. Set in a spa in Vermont (who doesn’t want to go there for a while?), Tady delivers a terrific satirical world in which our heroine—a down and out massage therapist mourning a lost love—has to fight her way back to happiness. Throw in some entitled clients and a narcissistic romance novelist with truly evil intentions, and you’ve got a sure hit from a wonderfully gifted new debut novelist. Can’t wait to see what she writes next!”

Katie Crouch

New York Times bestselling author of Embassy Wife and Girls in Trucks

"Super Bloom is super fun! Like a great massage therapist, Tady’s funny, feel-good debut will de-stress and delight."

Georgia Clark

bestselling author of Island Time and It Had to Be You

Why Zibby Loves It…

It’s hard to believe Megan Tady is a debut author because SUPER BLOOM accomplishes so many things you’d think a veteran novelist was weaving these threads.

SUPER BLOOM is funny. It made me laugh out loud. Megan’s voice flies off the page and into my brain like a mosquito in the summer sunshine diving in for a bite before it can batted away. But why would you want to? Megan’s voice is raw, open, honest, sarcastic, playful, and true. When Megan writes about loss, it makes me tear up. When she writes about love, my heart skips a beat. And when she writes about writing itself? I am slayed.

SUPER BLOOM speaks to all of our dashed dreams and the moments when life is going one way and then suddenly swerves off course. How can we steer it back onto the highway where we want to go?! The answer is that the road will shift as will the destination, but this brings a whole new assortment of beloved characters, friends, loves, and unexpected opportunities. Such is life: unexpected, divergent, unpredictable. SUPER BLOOM shows us that reclaiming our voice is the most important thing we can do because our voice and identity are what make us human. And by accessing that, we can connect on a deep, personal, vulnerable level.

All of this is masked in an engaging, light, wrapping paper of words. SUPER BLOOM is escapist and delightful, hilarious and accessible, like The Hangover meets Roxanne, with a dash of Me Before You.

This novel is just the start of Megan’s promising career; I know she will be writing many novels to come in her distinct, irresistible voice. And in doing so, she’ll help us find our own.

Megan's Book Tour

Megan Tady’s Super Bloom launches on May 2nd, 2023! Join us for a toast to kick off Megan's tour at our Prosecco and a Program event at Cafe Flor in New York City. Megan will be joined in conversation by Mikki Brammer and Meghan B. Murphy!

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