I Want You More

I Want You More

Swan Huntley

Coming May 21, 2024



A ghostwriting gig in the Hamptons becomes far more than a job in this sexy, atmospheric, and deliciously tense story. 

Kirkus Reviews says, “Like cinnamon Red Hots, this of-the-moment domestic thriller keeps you sweetly sucking away till it delivers the punch.”


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Reeling from the death of her father, Zara Pines accepts a ghostwriting gig for celebrity chef Jane Bailey. Jane, star of the wildly popular cooking show 30 Bucks Tops, invites Zara to live in her East Hampton home for the summer. Zara doesn’t want to go, but Jane insists.


As the two women create Jane’s book, their attachment grows stronger. Zara, who’s lost and in search of an identity, finds one in the shadow of Jane. She wears Jane’s clothes, adopts Jane’s mannerisms, and speaks like Jane. Eventually, the line between them blurs and Zara starts to see the side Jane keeps hidden from the cameras.


This dark and twisty novel about fame, lies, and obsession will make even the most open-hearted reader question how safe it is to trust the people they love.


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Like cinnamon Red Hots, this of-the-moment domestic thriller keeps you sweetly sucking away till it delivers the punch.
Huntley contrasts the appeal of sun-drenched celebrity culture with the dark underbelly of life in the public eye, echoing Kiley Reid's Such A Fun Age and Emma Cline's The Guest.
Deliciously disquieting…strikes a delicate tonal balance between seductive and serious… Readers who have ever wondered, ‘Do I want to be her or be with her?’ will feel a chill up their spines.
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What people are saying...

"A one-sitting binge read, I Want You More by Swan Huntley needs to instantly be added to your summer beach bag! Intoxicating, sizzling, and utterly propulsive, I devoured this sensual, twisty suspense about a ghostwriter who gets swept up with a new gig in the sun-soaked Hamptons, and dangerously starts to get swept away by her subject, a charismatic TV cooking show star. This is one delicious ride!"

May Cobb

author of The Hunting Wives

“Unforgettable characters, sharp social commentary, twisty turns, and sky-high stakes—I devoured this book like a tasty treat made by Jane Bailey herself!”

Katie Sise

author of Open House

“I Want You More has it all. A modern, stylish thriller that probes the bleeding edge of self and other. Huntley’s novel is sexy, propulsive, and damn good.”

Ivy Pochoda

author of These Women

“I Want You More, about a ghostwriter who falls for her celebrity chef client, has sharp bites. It's a darkly funny, sexy love story—a must-read for anyone who loves food and femmes. It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you hungry…and, most of all, it’ll make you thirsty, if you know what I mean!”

Dibs Baer

author of Lady Tigers in the Concrete Jungle

"A deliciously twisted love story that sneakily upends your expectations at every turn; a candy apple with a razor blade hidden inside."

Graham Moore

Academy Award-winning screenwriter of The Imitation Game 

Why Zibby Loves It...

I Want You More is intoxicating, delicious, heart-pounding fun. Swan Huntley’s distinctive writing style informs the narrative voice—smart, borderline snark, always witty. The setting—inside a celebrity chef’s East Hampton home on Cottage Ave—and commentary on cancel culture, fame, sexuality, and individuality is an unbeatable mix that will delight even the most time-starved cynical reader.