I Want You More
I Want You More

I Want You More

by Swan Huntley
    May 21, 2024

When ghostwriter Zara becomes entwined with celebrity chef client, Jane Bailey, she starts to see the side Jane keeps hidden from the cameras and gets stuck in a plot she never saw coming.

Reeling from the death of her domineering father, Zara Pines accepts a ghostwriting gig for celebrity chef Jane Bailey. Jane, star of the thrifty and wildly popular cooking show 30 Bucks Top, invites Zara to live in her East Hampton estate for the summer. Jane insists she stays--this way, they can truly get to know each other.

As Zara starts to fall for Jane romantically, Jane sloughs off the curated personality she maintains for the media. Zara spends all of her time in Jane's estate, shadowing Jane's life--even wearing Jane's clothes--and the line between the two women grows startlingly faint. Once Jane's façade crumbles and sinister details about her past emerge, Zara watches herself change in ways she never expected. Can Zara get out before Jane subsumes her?