Wedding Issues
Wedding Issues

Wedding Issues

by Elle Evans
    April 02, 2024

Competition for a bridal magazine cover unleashes mayhem, forcing a mastermind maid of honor to stop being a people pleaser and figure out what she wants out of life in this hilarious, frothy debut.

Olivia "Liv" Fitzgerald's life is on ambition autopilot. The soon-to-be-lawyer has her life plan set, and can talk anyone into anything-well, almost anything. When her scheming aunt throws her cousin, Kali, into a competition for a bridal magazine cover alongside Liv's best friend, Leighton, all hell breaks loose. To save the day, Liv only has to:

a) Secure the Southern Charm cover for Leighton,
b) Keep Aunt Charlotte happy and Kali's wedding running smoothly,
c) Finish her final year of law school and nab a coveted NYC big-law job, and
d) Win over the guy of her dreams.

Easy, right? Readers will root for Liv as she balances her schemes, dreams, and double maid of honor duties, discovering that integrity might be more important than smooth talking--even if it means she can't please everyone at once.