I'm Still Here: A Dog's Purpose Forever
I'm Still Here: A Dog's Purpose Forever

I'm Still Here: A Dog's Purpose Forever

by Cathryn Michon
    September 10, 2024

This richly illustrated book reveals a comforting narrative told from the point of view of a loving angel dog, who wants you to know, "I'm still here . . . But I'm also there where all the animals run free, with no pain, waiting for you, watching for you, loving you, and guiding you." 

Losing one's dog is one of the most difficult experiences we go through and it's hard to find solace. However, the profound, four-legged narrator of I'm Still Here has nothing but good news for humans. The free verse is equally rhapsodic about the eternal nature of our souls and the amazing sound of crinkly wrappers that means cheese is about to be sliced. This very good dog proclaims that love never dies, that we will meet again, and that if you ever doubted that humans are magnificent creatures, look no further than the humble ball.

There is nothing to fear, because it is this dog's purpose to pull you (like a bad dog who doesn't know how to do "leash") toward joy, and to remind you to relish all the naps and treats life has to offer. 

Author Cathryn Michon co-wrote the blockbuster hit film A Dog's Purpose. Elegant, full-color watercolor paintings by award-winning artist Seth Taylor make this sumptuous volume the perfect gesture of compassion for anyone who has ever said goodbye to a dog (or person) gone too soon, because it's always too soon. It turns out that the best way to honor those we've loved and lost is to be here now, until we meet again.