The Zibby Awards

Welcome to the 3rd annual Zibby Awards!! Launched in 2021, the Zibby Awards strove to celebrate the under-celebrated parts of a book. Best spine design, best acknowledgments, best table of contents, and more. Our first celebration was held at the Center for Fiction in Brooklyn, NY. The second was at Zibby’s home.

This year, we’re changing things up. Our awards ceremony will be held in person at Zibby’s Bookshop!

We have 27 categories, all inspired by shelves in the bookstore.

Anyone can nominate a book or author they love (and yes, you can nominate yourself).

Everyone who enters will be entered to win a $200 gift card to Zibby’s Bookshop plus fun swag! All nominees will be notified that they were nominated. Our team will select the finalists in each category. Winners will be in announced in person and via livestream.

Nominations closed

Nominate a book you love

Nominate a Book You Love

Our 3rd annual Zibby Awards celebrates the creative curation system of Zibby’s Bookshop. Each category represents a shelf in our store. Entrants and any of their nominees chosen as finalists will be invited to our in-person awards ceremony at Zibby’s Bookshop. Each category winner will take home a prize plus a spot for their book in a Zibby Awards new shelf at the store and online. All entrants will be eligible to win a $250 gift certificate to the store plus swag! Voting ends November 15, 2023. Winners will be selected by a panel of judges. No limit on number of entries. Yes, you can nominate your own book. $10/entry.


Revealed December 6th, 2023

Award Ceremony

To Be Announced.