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You’re invited to become an introductory member of Zibby’s Book Club subscription program! Get the latest Zibby Books hardcover each month delivered straight to your door. With ALL THE PERKS. Free audiobook! Discounts! And more.

how we’re different

The Zibby’s Book Mail Program is designed to make you giddy and excited each month waiting to see what the next Zibby Book will be.

And because we’re also publishers, we have something no one else can offer. Zibby Books, the publishing house, offers something other than the exceptional quality of all our products. We offer you a highly-curated year of reading.

What’s Included

Early Access

Zibby Books book club titles will ship before publication when you’re a monthly subscriber.

Early Access

Take 10% OFF your first Zibby class and 10% OFF your first Zibby’s Bookshop purchase.

Early Access

Enjoy a FREE custom book
club kit.

Early Access

FREE Acast+ Audiobook listening. (A $15.99 value.)

Early Access

Book clubs with 10+ subscribed members can host a virtual author appearance.

Early Access

You’re invited to in person to Zibby’s Book Club events in select locations.

A year of reading is curated from beginning to end.

We’ve thought about how you read (well, how we read) and designed a series of sequential reads that go well together. We won’t put two heart-wrenching memoirs back to back. After one of those, you might need a lighter beach read. Then a psychological thriller. Then a thought-provoking literary novel. There’s a little of everything sprinkled in.

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