Get to know Nanda Reddy

Nanda Reddy is a Guyanese-American writer, former teacher, and part of an enormous extended family who mostly live in Florida—her father is one of seventeen siblings; her mom is one of nine; and she has over fifty first cousins. In her teaching days, she co-wrote 180 Days to Successful Writers, a daily writing curriculum best suited for elementary classrooms. She loves visiting off-the-grid places (national parks!) with her husband and two teenage boys, and she sometimes messes around with watercolors to clear her mind. The internet doesn’t think she exists because, being easily distracted, she turned it off to write; she’s trying to change that because she’s thrilled to debut A Girl Within A Girl Within A Girl.


Demerara, Guyana

Fun fact

Half the people who know me (and 100% of my big fat Guyanese family) call me Bobby. Or Bob.

Favorite author

Does any writer have a favorite? I prefer to list books I pick up again and again for inspiration. In no particular order: The Bluest Eye; White Oleander; Rules of Civility; The Space Between Us; Hamnet; The History of Love; Interpreter of Maladies; I Know Why the Caged Birds Sing. The common denominator—lyrical but clear poetic prose that just sucks you in.

Favorite place in the world

My house or on a packed dance floor.

Favorite place to read

To meet my ambitious reading goal of 100+ a year, I’m all about audiobooks, so I read on the go. If I’m also on a hike along a creek or with views of Lake Tahoe (near where I live), that’s perfection.

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