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Who We Are

Founded by Zibby Owens with partners Sherri Puzey and Diana Tramontano, and helmed by Katrina Leno and a tight-knit, bright bookselling team of authors, screenwriters, and book lovers, Zibby's Bookshop is the place to connect and meet authors in Santa Monica.

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How We're Different

We curate our books by emotion, by interest, and by identity. Books that make you cry, laugh, tremble, lust. Books for the anxious. Coming-of-age stories. Coming of middle-age. Coming-of-old-age! We have shelves curated by other authors, book club shelves, and more. Our inventory is meant to be discovered and savored.

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We host multiple author conversation events and book signings each week. Join us in person or through the livestream. You'll meet the most amazing writers -- and attendees!

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Meet Our Bookshop Team

Samantha Gregory

Head of Marketing and Community

Charlotte Johnson

Assistant Store Manager

Kerri Kletter


Katrina Leno

Store Manager

Rebecca Mazer


Jenny Olofson


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1113 Montana Ave Santa Monica, CA 90403

info@zibbysbookshop.com (424) 387-1744

Hours: 9 am - 6 pm PT