Get to know Alisha Fernandez Miranda

Alisha Fernandez Miranda is a Miami-born, Scotland-based writer, entrepreneur and ex-CEO. Her memoir detailing her year of internships at the dream jobs of her childhood will be released by Zibby Books in 2023. She’s the author of the upcoming cookbook 50 Years: Kinloch Lodge and her other writing has been featured in publications including Romper, The Good Trade and Insider. Alisha is mom to a set of rambunctious 10-year-old twins, a lover of travel, coffee and Gilmore Girls and a graduate of Harvard University and the London School of Economics.


Miami, FL but I currently call Edinburgh, Scotland home

Fun fact

I read the ending of almost every book before I finish it. Is this a fun fact or horribly damning one?

Favorite author

for classics Jane Austen, for a story I can’t put down Curtis Sittenfeld, but my list of favorites is LONG.

Favorite place in the world

Matheson Hammock Park in Miami, sitting on the rocks overlooking the Miami skyline

Favorite place to read

The beach. Also the bath. Anywhere near water I guess

Books by Alisha Fernandez Miranda

My What If Year

Published February 07, 2023



An exuberant, hilarious memoir about a woman who pauses her successful career for a year and explores the “What If” jobs of her dreams.


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On the cusp of turning forty, Alisha Fernandez Miranda has climbed to the peak of personal and professional success, but at a price; she’s overworked and exhausted.


Bravely, Miranda decides to give herself a break, temporarily pausing her stressful career as the CEO of her own consulting firm. With the tentative blessing of her husband and eight-year-old twins, she leaves her home in London to spend one year exploring the dream jobs of her youth, seeking answers to the question, “What If?”


What follows is a spirited and hilarious journey for Alisha - and the reader. Alisha’s “What If” year reveals that she can achieve success on her own terms by embodying the spirit of the intern: never stop learning, be flexible, and understand that failure is a prerequisite for growth.


For anyone who’s ever felt stuck in a rut, My What If Year proves that it’s never too late to say yes to second chances and explore the roads untraveled throughout your life.

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My What If Year

Alisha's Book Tour

Alisha Fernandez Miranda’s My What If Year launches on February 7th, 2023. To celebrate, we will gather at New York City’s largest bookstore, The Strand, for an enchanting evening of great conversation, laughs, and wine and cheese of course!