Laura Lynne Jackson, SIGNS

Laura Lynne Jackson, SIGNS

“Your life is greater than you can imagine. You are more loved and supported than you can imagine.” Zibby is joined by author and medium Laura Lynne Jackson to talk about her latest book, Signs, which shows readers how they can communicate with those who have passed on. Laura Lynne shares what her daily experience is like with so many spirit guides trying to channel messages through her, how they helped her to make the move from teaching to writing books full time, and what she plans to work on next. In addition, Zibby gets a message from a special visitor on the other side.


Zibby Owens: Welcome, Laura Lynne. Thank you so much for coming on “Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books” to discuss Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe.

Laura Lynne Jackson: Thank you so much for having me here.

Zibby: I am delighted you’re here. I was so excited for this podcast. I’m so into all of this stuff. Maybe you should start out by explaining to listeners a little bit about what this book is about if you don’t mind.

Laura Lynne: Of course. Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe is really about how we all have the ability to tap into this magical language that’s all around us at all times. So many times, people think, I would need to go to a psychic medium to access the other side or get information from the other side or get guidance or love or support or feel my loved ones who have crossed around. That simply is not true at all. We all have this innate ability. I really wanted people to understand that. The book is really a journey that takes the reader through other people’s experiences of loss and grief and the magical connections that start to happen that become undeniable. I think so many of us are stuck in this frontal lobe, monkey mind, logical, analytical thought pattern that we forget that there’s something so much deeper within us that we can access at all times, which is this beautiful spiritual communication that’s part of us.

Zibby: I really read your book with so much relief. I’m like, oh, phew, because I’ve chosen to sort of convince myself of your theories. I’ve decided that even though I have no proof, I’m just going to go with it because it makes me feel better myself. If I’m wrong, I won’t really know I’m wrong.

Laura Lynne: That’s a good way of thinking. If you’re wrong, you won’t know you’re wrong, but I actually think proof is really important, which is what science is all about. It’s about having your own proof that this is real.

Zibby: This gave me this peace of mind. I was like, I wonder if she’s added up how many examples she gives to prove her point. There must be three hundred stories, little tidbits or examples, maybe more, of people who have had signs or had inklings of evidence that you say you can just sort of will into existence. I have to tell you — I’m sure you get this all the time. So I read your book. Then the next morning, I was on the beach with my kids. I was telling them about my book because I talk about a lot of the books that I read. I was explaining. We recently lost my husband’s mother and grandmother to COVID. It was a horrific, prolonged illness, and awful.

Laura Lynne: I’m sorry. Those were close, right, close together?

Zibby: Yeah, those were six weeks apart.

Laura Lynne: Oh, my gosh.

Zibby: Six weeks. My mother-in-law went to the hospital basically the day after her mom died. Then it took six weeks. I don’t want to go into this whole long story, but we miss her very much. We talk about her a lot. This weekend, next to my son’s bed, I open the drawer, which I must have opened eight thousand times. Suddenly, there’s this note that I never saw before from my mother-in-law to my son saying, “Congratulations. Great job. So proud of you.” I was like, that’s insane. Then my dog, who used to be her dog, will not leave the side table. Even though the dog always sleeps with me, Nya slept next to the table. Sorry, this is ridiculous. We have to talk about your book. Then the next morning, this is right before the beach, we go to Kmart, and it was like she saw someone she knew. She starts, the dog, sprinting into Kmart, which she never does. At first, I was like, wow, when she was Susan’s dog, she must have gone to Kmart all the time. This must have been their thing. She must recognize the logo. Then I was like, no, I feel like she saw Susan there.

Then I go to the beach with my kids. This will wrap up in a second. I was explaining to them all about your signs. I was explaining the oranges. I was explaining the Ninja Turtles and all these examples that you give in the book and how you said in the book that what you really need to do is, you can say it in your head or you can say it out loud, but your sign is going to be with the person. I said, “Why don’t we pick a sign for Treats?” They call her Treats. When we were talking about what the sign should be, I said, “Actually, I think maybe her sign is rainbows.” I had never seen a double rainbow in my life. Since she’s passed away, we’ve had multiple double rainbows in the same place. My sister-in-law, her daughter, sees them too. We decide, okay, the sign is going to be rainbows. This is at eleven. I go to visit a friend of mine who’s sick. I don’t see my daughter get dressed. She FaceTimes me as I’m on my way home. I look at her, and she’s wearing a T-shirt with this giant rainbow on it. I was like, “You’re wearing a rainbow. Look at your shirt.” She was like, “I didn’t even realize.” Isn’t that crazy?

Laura Lynne: Oh, wow. I love this. It’s not crazy at all. I love that you’re sharing this story of connection because that’s what we need to do with one another. We need to honor our connections. We need to share our stories. So often, we have these unbelievably undeniable moments of connection with people we love on the other side. We feel loved. We feel supported. We know it’s real. We know in every ounce of our being. Then we don’t talk about it because we’re afraid of being laughed at or we’re afraid of sounding woo-woo or kooky or whatever it might be, but this is a real language that occurs. Everything you’re describing, too, I find it really interesting. One thing that I have learned from all the readings I’ve done and from listening to people on the other side is that animals here can see spirit. They’re not stuck in that same frontal lobe that we are, and so they communicate in so many different ways. They’re not stuck in this analytical language either. That is such a common thing to occur when somebody crosses. You’ll notice your pets will start looking and getting agitated or dancing around in circles, like, don’t you see this person? Or they’ll stay in a certain place. I love that the dog got so excited and ran into Kmart because you know she was there with you. It might sound silly, but our loved ones on the other side, they’re present for everything, for the small moments like shopping at Kmart to the great moments like a great celebration to the sad moments where you’re just feeling bereft or alone. They’re there for everything. Having that knowing within yourself is everything.

That’s why someone could listen to me or they could understand the examples I’m giving, but I think the most powerful thing for anyone to have is their own experience and to test it. That’s why I say, don’t believe me. Go try this. Try this with your loved ones. I always talk about, we all have a team of light on the other side, which is God energy, this force of love that connects us all. We’re all intertwined and interconnected and part of each other’s journeys in ways we can’t possibly fathom. Then we all have our own, what I refer to as spirit guides. That sounds a little woo-woo. I’ve come to understand it’s real. Throughout time and history, different religions refer to the angelic realm as guardian angels and so forth. I just call them spirit guides. We all have our own personalized ones that have been with us from the get-go, spiritually contracted with us and trying to lead us on our highest path, always. Sometimes people have a sense of that. They feel a presence. Sometimes people are not really paying attention, but they still help us. Then one of the most powerful parts of our team of light is our loved ones who have crossed, including pets, by the way. Animals can do this too. They’re with us at all times. They want us to live an engaged, vibrant life. They want us to celebrate. They want us to know that they’re still very much alive in consciousness. The only thing that’s gone is their physical body. That love, that cord of connection is still there. What’s more, I think it can get even stronger once they cross. Relationships continue. It’s really magical when you start to see evidence of that in your everyday life. It’s really a beautiful knowing you have.

Zibby: It is. It takes away some of the anxiety of the living if you know that this is coming. I even ended up telling my kids, I was like, “Let me just pick my sign with you now so that you know.” I gave them my sign. We’re all set. I’m like, “Now you guys know.” They’re very afraid that something will happen to you. I’m like, “If something happens to me, it’s okay because you know now for sure I’ll be showing up through signs.” Your book has made a huge impact on our little family. Just telling you.

Laura Lynne: I’m so moved that you shared that with your children too. I think that’s so important, especially because kids are so much more in touch with their intuitive abilities than we are as an adult. I think most kids shut down once they start formal schooling. Then there’s this final moment, eleven to thirteen, right there when all the hormones start, where they can stay open to those abilities or shut them down, really slam the door on them. It’s so beautiful when parents have discussions with kids and they talk about those things and they talk about signs. You’re giving them tools to help navigate their life going forward. These intuitive abilities and these connections we have, they’re really helpful in a very practical way, not only comforting us, but helping guide us. I love that you’ve done that. That’s just amazing.

Zibby: Thank you. As we were leaving the beach that day — I don’t usually tell all these stories about myself during an interview, so I’m sorry. This one feather was dancing through the air as we were leaving.

Laura Lynne: She was just showing off at that point. It’s amazing.

Zibby: I know. I was like, oh, my gosh. The feather was going through the air. We left the beach. Yesterday when my daughter came home from school, she said, “You know, every Monday in school, our teacher asks us to write a whole story about what happened to us this weekend and draw a picture or whatever.” She’s like, “I wrote about our time on the beach and the feather floating through the air.”

Laura Lynne: That is so beautiful.

Zibby: Isn’t that nice?

Laura Lynne: Not only is that, but that also honors your mother-in-law. That’s so magical for them too. One of the most important things for them to know is that we received the message. We know it was real. We’re honoring it. When your daughter wrote about it, there could be no greater gift than to do that. That is so beautiful. I absolutely love it.

Zibby: My husband is in LA now filming this movie. I called him. I was like, “Look, I know your mom visits you a lot, but just so you know, she hung out with us this weekend.”

Laura Lynne: A really neat thing that they tell me is that one of the things that they love most about not being in a physical body is that they can be in more than one place at the same time.

Zibby: Oh, yeah? Okay.

Laura Lynne: Time doesn’t exist there like it does here. She could actually be with him and with you and sending signs to both of you in real time at the same time. There have been occurrences like that that people have shared with me. They’ve asked for a sign from a loved one. One person will be in LA, let’s say. The other person will be in London. At the same exact time they’ll both get the sign. Then they’ll text each other in real time. It’s really amazing. I think people on the other side, sometimes they really like to show off. Look what I can do. I’m going to make sure you know this. We can ask them for signs, but they can establish signs as well. You picked up on the fact that she’d already kind of established rainbows and then also feathers. Then you could ask for anything else. It’s really wonderful that you’re doing that.

Zibby: It was inspired by you. What is like for you — this is probably too general a question — the fact that you’re so in touch with this other dimension, essentially? You’ve gotten verified, if you will, with your training and gold stamp of approval and all of that. Yet you’re navigating the everyday world like the rest of us. You have to blow-dry your hair or whatever you did to make your hair look so good this morning. How do you take all that knowing and that deeper existential stuff and then go to the grocery or do whatever else?

Laura Lynne: It’s such a great question. What I can say is that it’s changed the way I live. It’s layered my life with meaning. It’s almost as if I’m living two lives at the same time, the Laura version of me who’s in a human body and having my own soul experiences and meeting my own challenges and needing to make free-will decisions and navigate my life a certain way, and then the knowing that there’s something so much greater than me in terms of my life, my purpose, my connections, things will happen in day-to-day, and even the challenges I face. It’s been enormously helpful, I would say especially during times when I am going through a period of struggle or I’m watching a family member try to navigate something or I’m confused about a decision. It’s really helpful for me to remember, this in the here and now and what I can see, touch, and feel, that’s not all there is. There’s a form of guidance that will help me understand the journey I’m on right now or might reframe it for me. It might give me guidance. I will ask for signs. Every time I do a session, I’m in a different place. I think it’s where most people go when they meditate. I’m getting information and downloads. I think that I also get downloads just random. Honestly, it can happen when I’m shutting a door or when I’m walking. It’ll just, boom. It’s this download of knowing, some guidance for my own life path or the journey that I’m on. I always have this sense of understanding that my life is greater than what I can see. My role here is much greater than I can see.

This is not unique to me. This is true for every single person on the planet. Your life is greater than you can imagine. You are more loved and supported than you can imagine. Your life means so much. What I’ve learned, too, is that our free-will decisions are the most important thing. We have our spiritual self hosted in this physical body, which is never fully comfortable, aches and pains. Things go wonky. Then you have the third part of that triangle, which is your free well, so the decisions you make about steering your soul in your body. I think that that is where we can create profound and amazing change and help others. We are always meant to use a currency of love, forgiveness, and kindness. If we can stick to that and let that override whatever else happens to us or whatever way we might embrace a situation other than that, we’re always going to find our highest path. Sometimes that is really hard to do. We’re having human experiences. All sorts of emotions and conflict come into play. Trusting that we’re part of something much bigger than we can see and that we’re connected to this force of love and kindness really helps us navigate things.

I have two modes. I have normal talking mode like I’m doing with you right now. Then I have reading mode. I try to be very concrete about that and say, when I’m going out to Costco, do not let somebody’s uncle from aisle three come through to me as I’m trying to pick out groceries that I need. For the most part, they’re very respectful of that. I get to live normal mode a lot. It is something I could turn on or access. I try not to use it in a rude way at all. I try to really respect it and honor it myself. I would never try to read someone’s energy and connect with their loved ones on the other side unless they gave me permission. Every now and then, something will happen where I feel like there’s a VIP line on the other side. My guides will be like, okay, come on in. Somebody’s loved one will pop through. I would never go up to somebody and just share it. It’s usually in a certain context where that happens. For the most part, I get to be normal a lot of the time too.

Zibby: If anyone’s coming through, you can just let them in, if anyone’s knocking on the door or trying to get in.

Laura Lynne: That is so funny you said that. I had a feeling this was going to happen. I never read when I do podcasts because I want to be very thoughtful. I’m thinking about things. I have to tell you I’ve had a grandmother figure for you. It’s on the upper-righthand screen, so that’s your mom’s side of the family, with me all morning. I mean this in a very loving way, so pushy and telling me, I’m the one who arranged this. Something about trying to get it to line up with almost an anniversary date, a year anniversary date. You people here couldn’t quite get it, but that’s okay. She needs credit for this. She needs to know you know it’s from her. You knew this. She’s a little annoyed you haven’t talked about her yet or something.

Zibby: Oh, no, oh, my gosh.

Laura Lynne: In a loving way. She’s not really annoyed. She’s teasing you. There’s something, too, about drinking coffee or tea I’m supposed to talk about, or sitting with you with that. I’ll see if she blasts through a little bit more. It was funny. I was like, oh, who’s here? Who are you? That’s the VIP line that I’m talking about on the other side where they let them through.

Zibby: Thank you. I am so glad she barged her way through.

Laura Lynne: There’s more one thing I have to say before she lets us talk again. There’s no such thing as goodbye, I’m supposed to say. There’s something that’s been bothering you about not a proper goodbye. Do you understand this? Not a proper goodbye with her.

Zibby: Yeah.

Laura Lynne: There’s no goodbye, so stop worrying about that.

Zibby: Aw.

Laura Lynne: She is saying she came through in a dream to you already. That’s a dream visitation.

Zibby: Now you’re going to make me cry. My mom’s mom passed away. We were super, super close. I called her Gadgi. She is the one who always wanted me to write and read and be in this world. She was always like, “I’m a letter to the editor type of person, but you’re a writer.” I didn’t get to go say goodbye because of COVID. I didn’t go fly there to say goodbye when she was sick. Maybe it was that. I don’t know about the coffee.

Laura Lynne: You’re saying she didn’t die of COVID?

Zibby: No, she didn’t.

Laura Lynne: She’s saying other people there did, but she didn’t. Other people who are connected to you did, but she didn’t.

Zibby: Oh, thank you. Yes, she did not. It was just during the time when I wasn’t flying. I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye in person. I said goodbye on FaceTime, which is not the same. Wow, thanks.

Laura Lynne: Did you have a dream of her after that? She’s talking about a dream visitation, coming through in someone’s dream.

Zibby: I dream about her often.

Laura Lynne: That’s not easy for them to do, by the way. It takes a lot of finessing. You ever see somebody playing Double Dutch jump rope? The way they explain it to me, it’s like you have to jump in a certain way into people’s dreams. It’s really hard.

Zibby: Really?

Laura Lynne: That’s kind of impressive that you had more than one visitation dream from her. That’s neat. She’s a force.

Zibby: She is a force. She is great. She’s amazing. I hope I’m not mistaking it and my other grandmother is coming in. You said it was my mom’s side.

Laura Lynne: It’s on my upper right, so this would be on mom’s side of the family. That’s how I want to say it. Was there a Florida connection with her too?

Zibby: Yes. Like most Jewish grandmothers, she lived in Florida. She was, yeah.

Laura Lynne: She’s very happy. I feel like there was a husband for her who greeted her and also a sister figure for her.

Zibby: Yeah.

Laura Lynne: She’s just validating through, no, it’s me. Don’t give this to the other grandma.

Zibby: What a crazy podcast this is.

Laura Lynne: It wasn’t planned. This is what happens.

Zibby: I know. She was super close and madly in love with her husband, her second husband, so my step-grandfather. She has missed him for years. They were so close. He was super special as well. I actually saw a medium. Now this is becoming a podcast about me. I saw a medium a couple years ago when she was alive. That medium said that he would come and visit her, but she just wasn’t quite ready yet.

Laura Lynne: Yep, that’s true. That’s real. That’s a thing. Nobody ever crosses alone either. We’re always greeted by loved ones on the other side. My aunt was a nurse. She’s retired now. She would tell us how she’d always know when a patient was going to cross because they’d start talking about their loved ones who had already crossed being in the room with them. That would happen all the time. That’s how all the nurses would know, okay, we got to prepare and be ready.

Zibby: Wow, this is wild, so wild. Thank you for that, oh, my gosh. Back to writing, in addition to having all these experiences, you’ve also chosen to write and become a best-selling author on top of everything else. Why write as well? When did you decide to start doing this?

Laura Lynne: That’s so interesting. I kind of talk about my journey in my first book. It’s called The Light Between Us. I was a high school English teacher. I taught for almost twenty years. I’ve always had this ability. I didn’t know what to do with it or how to use it. In 2005, my husband saw this little ad in a diner that was talking about an organization called the Forever Family Foundation. They were giving a discussion night. It was all about how consciousness continues after bodily death. I thought, oh, this would be really interesting to go listen to. There’s going to be some scientists talking. We went that night, a couple weeks later. They were talking about how they were starting a testing program for people who had mediumship abilities to volunteer for their organization to help people in grief. I thought, this is perfect. I can do this in secret. I can use my abilities. I have to read every single week or my energy gets spinning. I can help people in grief. Nobody’s going to know. I can still be a high school English teacher. That worked great for a number of years until I did an event and people at the school were like, “Is this you? We’re going to go to this.” I thought, . I had to tell my principal. The day that that happened, I went and I sat on my call duty. I got this sudden download. It was as if I’d had a seven-hour conversation with the other side in a millisecond. What they told me is, you’re going to be writing books. You’re going to be a speaker. You’re going to talk about this to others. Then there’s going to be a TV and movie component. I was like, what?

I came home from work. I said to my husband, “We need to talk. Got a download today. I’m going to be writing a book. I’m going to be doing these things.” He has been married to me long enough at that point where he knew all this is real. They’ve given me guidance about my whole life path and things that were going to happen to us. He’s like, “Okay. All right.” Within twenty-four hours, everything started coming together. I had somebody to work on my writing with. I had an agent who reached out to me. It was very divinely guided. I always trusted in that. I wrote my first book. The minute I hit send to my editor, the final thing, I was like — you know what that’s like. It’s the greatest feeling. I got this entire download for Signs, the entire book, boom. I thought, oh, my god, you can’t do this to me right now. You just got to give me a moment. I said, you have to give me a year to just acclimate, and then I’ll start working on the second book, which is what happened. I had taken a leave of absence from teaching. They said to me, “You need to come back. It’s been two years. You need to leave or come back.” I had this moment of, what do I do? I didn’t have my knowing for another month.

I woke up one morning. I was like, oh, no, I’m meant to leave teaching. The world is really a much greater classroom. I’m meant to honor this. That’s how that happened. I turned in Signs, and it was silent. I’m like, is that it? It is just two? Then a couple months later, I got the download for the next book, so I’m working on that now. It’s pretty clear for me. It’s just this absolute knowing. When I get these downloads and this knowing, there’s no emotion attached. It’s not like, woo-hoo, or sadness or anything. I could get a download saying, you’re going to win twenty-six million dollars and be able to help all these people in poverty, and I wouldn’t feel anything for the download. It would just be neutral. That’s how I know how to trust what I’m getting. For those people listening too, when you get into the downloads, they’re usually very neutral emotionally. It’ll just be this knowing. That’s how you can trust it. That’s what led me on my journey.

Zibby: Wow, now I have to go back and read your first book now that I’ve read this one. It was so good. What’s the cliff notes of your next book?

Laura Lynne: It’s so interesting because I can see what the other side is doing. The books, they’re through my voice, but it’s really the other side’s message. The first one was really establishing, here’s what real. This is real. Here’s the testing I’ve done to go through this and bring legitimacy to it. This field, honestly, has been so rife with fraud and just ridiculousness and not honoring this truth. I work a lot with scientists to figure this out, my mind map to see what my brain waves are doing when I’m in normal talking mode, when I go into reading mode — it shows significant difference — to show that this is a very real thing. Just because it sounds like a happy fairy tale ending doesn’t mean it’s not true. Life does continue. The survival of consciousness continues. The second book, Signs, was really like, nobody ever needs me. Here’s how you can access it. Here’s examples of that. Go do this for yourself. Test it. The third book, what they showed me about that, it’s very interesting that they kind of waited for the download until right before COVID started. What they showed me was it was going to be about how to find our highest path, find the light in the dark, how the other side can love and support us and guide us, but that does not exempt us from sadness or difficulty because part of that is our soul journey. We’re all in this together. We’re meant to come together and collaborate. It’s really a collective lesson in love. It’s a guide of how to live what I’d call an illuminated life, this life of connection where you honor your spirituality. You honor your physical body. You honor the choices you make related to those, your free will. It’s how to find balance with all that and how to trust in and be guided by your team of light on the other side in order to find your highest path and access that. That’s the next book.

Zibby: Very exciting. Awesome. If you had to give advice to aspiring authors, what would you say?

Laura Lynne: I would say trust your inner voice. Trust that quiet voice. Make space to allow it to get louder. It’s also about harnessing your energy. For me, the hardest part is settling my energy into a chair and at a computer. Then it pours out. So many people, athletes, writers, artists, musicians — first of all, none of us ever work alone. There’s always a team of light working through us and with us. A lot of times, you hear the term “being in the zone.” It’s this flow of energy, this flow of ideas. My advice is really to trust that there is so much that you need to share and say, but only you can harness yourself into a chair to allow yourself to get into that zone and let it come out. It’s creating space for that. For me, it’s always been eleven PM to two AM. I have no idea why, but that’s when everything comes through me. I think it’s really important to know yourself too. Some people are morning people. Find when that creative space is best for you to allow that to come through you. Trust in your knowing. Trust in your voice. Trust in that sense that you are part of this world and you have something really important to share that will help others in some way, that will inform them or help them question something or guide them. I think writing holds a magic too. When I taught high school English, we would always talk about books in the present tense because it’s almost like this living, breathing thing. You really could feel writers’ energy. I love teaching Shakespeare. I just felt like, I know Shakespeare. I know this guy. Here’s his energy. I can access it through his writing. I think that’s a real thing. When we create and we write, a part of us, our energy, is attached to that. It’s almost accessible by others. I think all works of art are. Writing is a work of literary art. Trust in it. Trust in the value of it.

Zibby: I love that. My grandmother who you were talking about and her husband who I mentioned, Gadgi and Papa Cal, they made me these miniature books of stories I wrote when I was eight years old. They published twenty copies for me with my name on the spine and everything. I have one over there somewhere. This is to your point about the magic of books. You are literally able to read someone’s mind and get to know somebody in a whole new way. I hadn’t read it in a while. This is after our little beach trip, just to close off my whole weekend drama. I read the book for the first time to my daughter and also her brother. She’s eight now. I was like, “Actually, I was eight when I wrote that.” I had this moment where I was like, I’m literally introducing myself when I was eight to my daughter when she’s eight. This is the craziest thing.

Laura Lynne: That’s amazing. That is amazing.

Zibby: She was like, “Now I have to start writing.” I was like, “Yes, now you have to start writing.”

Laura Lynne: What a beautiful thing for her to take away. If you think about eight-year-old you and your grandmother and your grandfather and what they did and how they honored that and the trickle-down into affecting your daughter now where she says, I want my voice to be showcased, it’s an ongoing energy connection. The actions we do, the way that we value our voice or somebody else’s voice or somebody else’s journey, it expands so much beyond what we’re able to see in that moment. Any parent who’s listening too, you should write, but you should also encourage your children to write. You can even publish it yourself. Just hole punch. Put some wire in them. Have them make a cover. It really is transformational.

Zibby: I started a whole Medium account for my daughter. It’s not her real name or anything. She printed it out, took it to school. Anyway, I am so sorry, I do not usually talk about myself this much during a podcast.

Laura Lynne: I love it. This is what the other side had planned.

Zibby: All right, good. Can’t argue with that. Obviously, I don’t need to recap how much this book affected me. I’m just so glad to be in touch. Thank you for putting me in touch with my grandmother.

Laura Lynne: You never need me for that. She was just hanging around me, but she’s been with you nonstop. What I’d say to you is, ask her for a sign to validate that. She’s saying something about wanting to send you a song. Maybe ask for a song. Maybe you’ll hear a song that reminds you of her.

Zibby: Will do. Thank you so much. It was great talking to you. I hope to meet you in person.

Laura Lynne: It was so lovely talking to you. Yes, we will.

Zibby: Well, you’ll know, I guess. Take care.

Laura Lynne: Bye.

Zibby: Bye.

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