Women Are The Fiercest Creatures

Women Are The Fiercest Creatures

Andrea Dunlop

Published March 07, 2023



In this wildly addictive novel, three overlooked women take on the charming, manipulative tech CEO who wrote them out of his startup’s history.



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Anna Sarnoff is still reeling from her quickie divorce from tech wunderkind Jake Sarnoff. Forced out of the company that she helped Jake build, Anna is trying to pick up the pieces of her life, navigating the waters of solo parenting their two teenage boys and adapting to her new role of ex-wife. To make things more complicated, Jake seems to want her back…and his persuasiveness tempts her to say yes.

Across town, the brilliant and striking Samanta Flores-Walsh, Jake’s college girlfriend, is busy raising her teenage daughter and running her thriving yoga studio. Although their relationship ended years ago, unanswered questions from their time together gnaw at her, and when she learns that Jake is planning to take his billion-dollar company public, she starts to wonder if perhaps it isn’t too late for justice.

Finally, there’s Jake’s much younger new wife, Jessica, who’s struggling to stay afloat as a new mom while her high-profile husband grows increasingly distant.
Set in the wealthy enclaves of Seattle’s tech elite, the lives of these three women grow entangled as long-held secrets are forced to the surface, threatening to destroy their families. Written with razor-sharp intelligence and heart, Women Are the Fiercest Creatures is a searing look at the complexities of family and the obstacles women navigate in every aspect of their existence.

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A well-written story that will leave readers thinking that women are indeed the fiercest creatures.
Dunlop’s latest is a compelling and fascinating tale of performative feminism and the women who suffer under it.
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What people are saying...

“Dunlop has a knack for making deeply flawed characters recognizable and sympathetic and compelling as hell. Maybe you come for the beautiful rich people embroiled in juicy scandals of their own making, but you stay for those characters, their intricate relationships, and their complex motivations in every shade of gray. Great on motherhood, empowered women, and female support roles of all sorts, Women Are the Fiercest Creatures is Dunlop’s best yet.”

—Laurie Frankel

New York Times bestselling author of One, Two, Three and This Is How It Always Is

"You think you know women like the characters in Women Are The Fiercest Creatures—and maybe you even judge them. But Dunlop turns stereotypes on their heads in this moody Pacific Northwest novel set in the world of high-stakes tech IPOs, forcing us to tear down preconceived notions about wealth, ambition, motherhood, desire, friendship, and "having it all.” It's twisty and thought-provoking and so well-drawn. I gobbled it up!"

Sara Shepard

New York Times bestselling author of Pretty Little Liars and Wait For Me

“Women Are the Fiercest Creatures is a stylish, timely, buzz-worthy novel that I tore through with glee. Dunlop brings to life a trio of strong, achingly real female protagonists whose search for truth and meaning in their romantic and professional lives held me spellbound. I loved this book!”

Tara Conklin

New York Times bestselling author of The Last Romantics and The House Girl

Why Zibby Loves It...

As we all know, "it takes a village." Not only just to raise kids — although of COURSE for that. But also to create a company, to be a successful entrepreneur, and to bring a new product to market. In WOMEN ARE THE FIERCEST CREATURES, Andrea Dunlop highlights the many “villages" in the town of Portside that surround Jake, the unsavory founder of a social network called Strangers. Most interesting, she shows what happens when supporting structures crumble. As it turns out, giving credit where credit is due, is of the utmost importance to this town, reminiscent of the cast of superstars in "Big Little Lies.” What happens when someone steals an idea? How does it feel to be the woman behind the man — and never have your contributions really seen? How does it feel to raise a single daughter or marry into a complicated family or run a business while running a family?

Andrea deftly examines what it means to be successful and what it takes to get there as she constructs the tech scene in Seattle and who really holds the keys to the path forward.

I loved Andrea’s characterization of the three female leads in this story, Anna, Sam, and Jessica, and how they each search in different ways to reclaim their power as women, mothers, creators, and founders. Family secrets, friendships, and swirling mysteries abound as the drama unfolds in Andrea’s expertly written narrative.

Fierce is an understatement. These women are total badasses and I was honored to have had a chance to get to know them in Andrea’s book. I know you will be, too.