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Zibby’s 2023 Holiday Gift Guide: Paired with a Book

Sunday, November 12, 2023

(A gift from author Alice Berman circa 2020.)

I could keep adding to this list forever! But here are a few ideas for creative, thoughtful gifts, always paired with a book. These suggestions should help you check off many people from your list. Who did I miss?! Email me with more categories you’d like to see. And don’t forget: get out there and shop in person, too!

(Note: many of these items have affiliate links which provide Zibby Media with a truly meager referral fee, but we put the links in anyway because we’re hoping it adds up — haha. Plus then we can see if you like what we’re recommending. Always room to improve!)

Happy Holidays!! Tip: start shopping EARLY. Like, now. December is always insane.

For the Skin Care Lover

Travel Kit ($136). This Oneskin.co five-piece sample from woman-founded skin care company OneSkin is awesome! I use the moisturizer and eye cream daily. These products give you a “skin longevity regimen” thanks to the peptide OS-01, all in a TSA-friendly package.

Marcy Dermansky’s Very Nice is a fabulous novel about a love interest and a mother-daughter duo. Plus, it matches!

For the Photography Lover or Loved One

Aura Frames Carver Mat: $164 (with code EARLYBIRD). I have these frames all around Zibby’s Bookshop in Santa Monica AND in two of my kids’ bedrooms. You can pre-load it with digital images or just gift it to someone you love. Plus with the app, you can change the photos anytime!

Photographer Sally Mann’s Hold Still is utterly fantastic.

For Any Leading Lady

Jenni Kayne Alpaca Cocoon Crewneck: $345. California-inspired fashion is synonymous with Jenni Kayne. They gifted me this sweater and I wear it all the time. Sleep in it. Love it. It’s a splurge but treat someone you love.

Kelly McMasters’s The Leaving Season is a powerful memoir. Did you know she writes about owning a bookstore — and finding herself?

For the Story-time Set

Dignify Kantha Mini Blankets: $62. These beautiful blankets are crafted from six recycled saris and are handmade by women in Bangladesh who have overcome exploitation.

Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Pig Stuffed Animal: $27.50. So soft!

Princess Charming by… me! Shameless plug.

For the Creators

CrunchLabs Build Box Subscription by Mark Rober: $24.95. Founder Mark Rober has more than 20 million Youtube followers. Why? He started sharing his love of engineering years ago after working at Nasa and Apple. Then he founded a CrunchLabs studio in the San Francisco Bay Area from which his team ships out new toys to design every month. Mark then walks the kids through the process in one of his trademark, charming videos. These toys will teach anyone to think like an engineer — and have fun while they’re doing it.

Terri Libenson’s Becoming Brianna was a huge hit in my house this fall! Yes, graphic novels count.

Build It! Make It! Become a Super Engineer by Rob Ives is a nice accompaniment to the Crunch Labs set or on its own!

For the Swifties

Olive & June Instant Tie-Dye Press-On Nails: $10. My kids are obsessed with this trend. Forget Lee Press-On Nails from the ‘80s. These are all the rage.

The Little Golden Book about Taylor Swift: Great for any Swifties, no matter how old or young!

For the Football Fans

Football Done Right by Michael Lombardi with a foreward by Jim Nantz is just the thing for any football fans.

The Riddell NFL Full Size Replica Helmets ($139.95) are available for every team in the league. As you may know, we literally have all 32 of these in our apartment. Lots of sports fans around here!

For the History Buff

The Framer’s’ Coup: The Making of the United States Constitution by Michael J. Klarman is incredibly timely given the upcoming election. Did you know the Constitution technically allows for a sitting U.S. President to govern from prison?!

Faherty Brand’s Donegal Ombre Crew Sweater ($178) is cozy, chic, and versatile. (That’s one of the Faherty brothers in the photo! Did you know Kerry Docherty Faherty, his wife, was a guest on Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books? Listen here.)

For the Little Ones on the Go

Lego City Electric Sports Car ($6.99): No time like the present to raise an environmentally conscious citizen!

What We’ll Build: Plans for Our Together Future by Oliver Jeffers. Watch the video of my podcast interview with Oliver. Obsessed!