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Partner Review: Work Wife by Alison Hart

Friday, September 23, 2022

By Diana Tramontano & Sherri Puzey


Told over the course of one day through the perspective of three women, Alison Hart takes us on a journey of female ambition. Zanne, now the personal assistant and chief of staff to the famous movie producer, Ted Stabler, works daily to make sure his life is a success. However, when she stumbles upon Ted’s former business partner, Phoebe, things start to go awry. Together, Zanne, Phoebe, and Ted’s wife Holly unravel long-buried Hollywood scandals.

I loved how the novel was told through the lens of three women. This story is so timely and powerful to all women professionals out there. In an industry long dominated by men, I appreciated the women finally standing up for themselves. Though the book was a fun summer read, it really held a lot more meaning and revealed a very important message.

Have you read this one yet? What did you think?!


The Work Wife follows three women in the life of a tech billionaire over the course of a single day. As preparations are underway for what is to be the Hollywood event of the season, Ted Stabler’s personal assistant, Zanne, his former business partner, Phoebe, and his wife, Holly, are confronted with just how entangled they’ve become. The story, told in alternating perspectives, examines the power dynamics in these relationships and what contributes to the slow erosion of the women’s work, dreams, and identity.

I really enjoyed this debut from Alison Hart! I love novels that explore female ambition and the sacrifices and compromises made along the way. I found I enjoyed all three characters’ perspectives equally, which is rare for me in a multiple-POV story. Pick this one up if you’re looking for smart writing about complex characters navigating class, privilege, and male egos as they climb their way to the top.


Diana Tramontano is a graduate of William & Mary University, where she competed on the Division 1 swim team, and the post-grad publishing course at Columbia University. She is the social media manager for Zibby Mag and a publicity assistant at Zibby Books. She lives in New York City. Follow her Instagram account for more book reviews and recommendations: @99livesofabookgirl

Sherri Puzey is an editor at Zibby Mag and a marketing manager at Zibby Books. You can find her book reviews and recommendations @whatsherrireads