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Author Snapshot: Helene Lerner

Friday, January 13, 2023

Book jacket biographies don’t tell us nearly enough about the authors we love. That’s why Zibby Mag launched the Author Snapshot, giving readers an inside look at the lives and work of our favorite writers.

This week we’re spotlighting Helene Lerner, an author, public television host, Emmy Award-winning executive producer, and Fortune 500 workplace consultant who has addressed the concerns of contemporary women for over two decades. Helene’s most recent book, Time for Me: Self-Care and Simple Pleasures for Women Who Do Too Much published at the end of 2022.

Creative Expansions, Inc., the umbrella company over your many initiatives, has now been around for almost 30 years. How has the work and its mission evolved and/or grown over the years?

The mission of the company was always to empower women and girls. That has been our true north; no matter what the challenge, the power of the mission has pulled us through. I have noticed that when you come from a spirit of service, doors open and “no” means “not yet.” So we have grown to having over 20,000,000 people following us on our social media, and I have become an influencer.

What inspired you to speak out about the common concerns of contemporary women? Have you seen the issues facing women change over the decades, or are the most pressing issues persistent over time?

I see intelligent women who lead from their heads and hearts—which is what the world needs today. Several CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are asking that their leaders have not only the traditional leadership skills, but lead with compassion, empathy, and emotional intelligence—qualities many women use daily. Unfortunately, we still have a long way to go, but we are making progress. One thing I am seeing because of Covid is that people are reevaluating what’s worthwhile for them—at work and in their personal lives. And there are changes happening.

What inspired you to write Time for Me? What made now the right time to write and publish this book?

Actually, I wrote the book in 2015, but my publisher saw that self-care is such a priority, especially now for women, that she resurrected it, and I agreed. I have been on GMA and other national shows, talking about how important self-care is for us. Love these thoughts: “Saying No is Saying Yes to Yourself” and “Your Best is Good Enough!”

What are your biggest tips for how women can enjoy a more joyful and balanced life?

By realizing there is no such thing as balance. One day you give more to your job, the other day more to your family life or personal life. Ellen Galinsky from Families and Work Institute said we should talk about navigating work and life—that is more accurate.

What are your goals or intentions for this year?

To make a difference in whatever way is needed. The world is in a turbulent place and it needs the resourcefulness of women. Oh yes, and to read my book and take my own advice!