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Author Spotlight: Amy Scher

Friday, September 16, 2022

photo by @kyreeeeeeen

Have you ever finished a book and wanted to know more about the author than their quick bio revealed? You’ve come to the right place! Our Author Spotlight features some of your favorite writers and takes you behind the page as they answer personal questions.

This week we’re spotlighting Amy Scher, bestselling author of four books, including her hit memoir This Is How I Save My Life.

1. What inspired you to write THIS IS HOW I SAVE MY LIFE?

In my 20s, I was a marketing director for Harley-Davidson, in a relationship, and thought I had everything figured out. Then, suddenly I was struck down with a debilitating illness (eventually diagnosed as chronic Lyme disease). It almost killed me, but after 10 years, I finally came out of it … and with an even better life than I could have imagined. I think humor definitely got me through the illness itself — so I really wanted to write about the serious topic of chronic illness in a way that could make people laugh and bring some levity to the experience. Most of the books that I’d read about people with chronic illnesses were so depressing. But no one who is sick wants to read a depressing book about illness. And no one who isn’t does either. I think I succeeded because most people tell me how they felt bad laughing so hard while they read. But that’s the best compliment you could give me.

2. What books are on your nightstand right now?

OMG too many. It’s so embarrassing. And our coffee table is full too. My wife and I have a rule that we don’t buy more books until we read what we have. And then we leave the house for an hour and come home with 4 new books.

What’s on my TBR pile now: This Might Be Too Personal, The Nerdy and The Dirty (a YA novel), and What a Happy Family—plus like 20 more.

3. Where is your go-to place to write?

I need to move around so I don’t get bored. I sit outside in our little yard a lot. A few months ago, I bought this old, amazing red leather couch from CURE Thrift in the east village for my office; and I have to say it’s definitely my new fave place to write. I feel like it has such good energy.

4. What is your favorite Indie bookstore?

I love Sweet Pickle books. Where else can you buy books AND pickles? (They ship them, too!)

5. What are three books you’d recommend readers start this fall?

Joan Didion’s essay collection Tell Me What You Mean (I think everyone can relate to something in it). In fiction, my favorite book is Nothing To See Here (it’s so brilliant and perfect, I don’t know how the author did it). I also blasted through an advanced copy of Little Voices (out this September), a crazy true story about a mom who starts getting messages from kids who’d died, which leads to her helping detectives with unsolved cases, and helps her discover a buried secret of her own (stranger than fiction for sure. I loved it).

6. What would people be surprised to learn about you?

That I’m a really outgoing and happy person but that I’m not always a really outgoing or happy person in the morning. It takes me like a year to wake up. Ha. And my mom says to share that I text her every single morning of my life to check on her. I started it 11 years ago when she was sick. We think it’s funny that I get more co-dependent as I get older, not less. Also, people might be surprised to know that I’m horrible at making decisions. I can make huge life-changing decisions (and I have), but it takes me like 4 hours to decide where to go for dinner. I’m super indecisive.