Connecting through books in person. Join us!

Retreats are at the heart of what we do.

Personal. Authentic. Inspiring. Our retreats are held at beautiful hotels, inns, and resorts around the country with multiple featured authors, fantastic food, local bookstore visits, and time for fun. Book lovers of all types welcome whether you're a bestselling author or an audiobook listener -- or anything in between. Required: book love.

Zibby's Miami Book Fair Retreat

November 17th - 19th I Miami, FL

Join us at the Betsy Hotel with five fabulous authors and get a VIP Pass to the Miami Book Fair.

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Zibby's Austin Retreat

February 2nd - 4th, 2024 I Austin, TX

Join us for bookstore visits, local author talks, fabulous meals and more. Details to come!

Past Retreats

Zibby's Wine Country Retreat

September 22-24, 2023 I Solvang, CA

The Landsby Hotel in the Santa Barbara Wine Country with five fabulous authors.

Petite Retreat

July 15th - 16th I Water Mill, NY

Authors Emma Rosenblum, Bad Summer People, Alli Frank, The Better Half, Sandra A. Miller, Wednesdays at One, Jane Delury, Hedge, Elizabeth Castellano, Save What's Left, and Stacy Igel, Finding the Calm in the Chaos joined Zibby at Shou Sugi Bain House, Book Hampton and Sag Harbor Books.

The Hamptons: Petite Retreat

Charleston Retreat

April 28th to 30th | Charleston, SC

A note from Zibby Owens:

It wasn’t just the setting. When I thought about hosting a retreat in Charleston, I knew people would go nuts over the quaint, historic, food-centric, congenial town. I could envision groups of women gossiping and giggling along the waterfront, walking through the market, and grabbing ice cream at Jeni’s. What I couldn’t have known was just how cohesive a group it would be.

Readers from far and wide descended on the Emeline Hotel, bringing stories of loss, love, reinvention, creativity, and connection. They came from Little Rock, Minneapolis, Knoxville, Dallas, Atlanta, and beyond. They brought manuscripts and ideas, favorite books and fellowship. The women (and one man!) shared and laughed, discussed writing craft and swapped favorite books. And when we all spent time together in a bookstore, Buxton Books, it was like bringing Rolling Stones fans into the green room. These were, quite simply, fans of books and reading, all congregating to commiserate and create. And we all can’t wait to do it again.

Charleston, SC

Fierce Women Retreat

March 10th to 12th | Hampton Bays, NY

The inaugural Zibby Retreat was pure magic. Women from all walks of life gathered at the gorgeous Canoe Place Inn to celebrate books and the fierce women who wrote them. On the first night, we sat around the fireplace and defined what it means to be a fierce woman—brave, ambitious, kind—and knew immediately that we were surrounded by them. We shared stories (while sipping on the spicy, book-themed “Fierce Cocktail”) and felt inspired and uplifted. The rest of the weekend was an absolute blast—we laughed through Ann Garvin’s plot workshop, ate delicious brick-oven pizzas and flaky croissants, stretched to Tara Stiles’ soothing yoga voice, and bonded over our shared love of books. Tracy Chapman’s “Startin’ a Revolution” played behind it all. The perfect soundtrack for what happened that weekend. Put 100 women in a room together… and well, we’ll see what happens!

Canoe Place, Hampton Bays

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